Find Yvonne Baldelli

Our dear Yvonne Baldelli went missing on November 26th 2011, along with her two dogs in Bocas del Toro, Panama. They were last seen on Isla Carenero. On May 18th 2012 her missing persons investigation became a homicide investigation in Panama.

***UPDATE*** On 6/27/2013 an arrest was made in San Diego at the "person of interest's" home, followed by an arraignment that afternoon. Read the full unsealed indictment pdf here: Indictment.pdf
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This is just the beginning of the legal leg of our journey towards justice; but we are deeply relieved that this day has finally come. We stand behind the US District Court's charges in the indictment. The homicide investigation is still in progress in Panama.***

Yvonne is deeply loved by so many- our hope is that this site will spread awareness and reach as many people as possible. We continue to encourage those with information to speak to the authorities.
 We share updates on the search as they become available. This is an active investigation in both the United States and Panama; Yvonne and her dogs' wherabouts are still unknown.
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